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Resolving Home Repair And Remodeling Disputes

It’s a big decision to move forward with a home repair or remodeling project. Often, these projects can take longer and cost more than originally anticipated.

But some projects don’t just take a bit longer or cost a little more. There are instances when a contractor commits egregious errors in judgment, uses substandard materials or shoddy workmanship, or does things that are unethical. If you are dealing with a dishonest contractor who causes more harm than good, contact Whiteman Law.  We will work with you to protect your property and do what it takes to resolve your issue, inside or outside of court.

Steps To Take If Your Contractor Doesn’t Perform

The best way you can protect yourself is to do your research at the onset of the project. However, even contractors with great references can fail in their jobs. Once you hire a contractor, the first thing to do is draw up a clear and enforceable contract.

When you first notice things are not going as planned, start a file. You should:

  1. Document all of your conversations and interactions with the contractor. Keep a detailed correspondence log that shows what was said or promised when.
  2. Take pictures or videos of substandard materials and workmanship. Show as much physical proof of any damage done to your property. Paperwork and proof are two key elements to a successful case.
  3. Fire the contractor when promises continue to be broken and you have little or no faith in completion of the project.
  4. Talk to an attorney who works in real estate law and handles these types of cases to find out the best path to take.

Each case is unique in its details and in how to proceed. Working with an attorney ensures that you understand your rights and what you are likely to monetarily reclaim.

Get The Advocacy You Need Now

At Whiteman Law, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners recoup their money and win their case. Firm attorney Adam Whiteman is seasoned Chicago attorney who understand Illinois real estate and construction law. We are dogged in our pursuit of justice for you and will also help you file necessary complaints and guide you on how to handle communication about the contractor. Call 312-655-1000 or send us an email. We respond to calls at all hours.