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Real estate transactions in Illinois are notoriously complex tasks, whether you are seeking to sell or buy a home. Hiring a qualified real estate attorney can help you navigate this process and allow you to avoid unnecessary legal challenges that may stand in the way of your goal.

At Whiteman Law, we have the experience you want when you are involved in a real estate deal in Chicagoland. We have a vast understanding of real estate contracts, required documents and the steps built into the process. With our assistance, you can complete this transaction with confidence.

Why It Is Critical To Hire An Attorney

Your real estate agent may be able to locate a great deal on a home or attract promising buyers. However, the real estate agreements used by agents generally need to be tailored to your concerns. For this, you need a skilled real estate lawyer. If you are a seller, your real estate lawyer will order title insurance for the transaction, assure compliance with condominium or homeowners association rules and regulations and also assure compliance with the Illinois Condominium Property Act as well as many other rules, regulations, codes and laws relating to real estate transactions in Illinois.

At Whiteman Law, we are equipped to draft, revise and review the broad range of documents necessary for an effective and legally enforceable real estate transaction. We regularly advise businesses, individuals and families on the many matters relating to real estate transactions, including:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Inspection results
  • Title searches
  • Deeds
  • Closing papers
  • The tax consequences of the real estate transaction

Should a conflict arise during the course of negotiations or your closing, we are equipped to advocate for you in and out of Illinois courtrooms. When you are selling or buying a home, don’t leave anything to chance. Hire a highly skilled lawyer to protect your interests every step of the way.

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