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Helping You Resolve Home Repair And Remodeling Construction Disputes

Don’t let a dream home construction project turn into a nightmare.

At Whiteman Law, we represent both contractors and homeowners in home repair and remodeling disputes. We understand how critical it is to resolve construction disputes as promptly as possible. Our attorneys are committed to helping you find a legal solution that allows you to keep your project on track and your reputation intact.

Take A Proactive Approach

Construction disputes can be costly to resolve in court, which is why we encourage our clients to take steps to mitigate legal risks before breaking ground. You can avoid problems with architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers and other parties by doing the following:

  • Having a written contract in place describing in full all the work to be done, the timeline for construction and payments and dispute resolution procedures
  • Being aware of mechanic’s liens and properly drafting, serving and recording them as well as methods to waive and release liens
  • Being aware of licensing requirements and assuring that work is being performed by properly licensed and bonded contractors
  • Compliance with the Home Repair and Remodeling Act as well as other construction-related laws and regulations

Following these steps may not prevent unexpected material delays or a change in plans from occurring. However, they can lessen the likelihood of conflicts with members on your team.

Ready To Litigate Your Dispute

Our litigators are no strangers to Illinois courtrooms. They have compiled an impressive record of success with legal disputes related to:

  • Breach of contract
  • Mechanic’s lien claims
  • Construction defects
  • Failure to complete a job
  • Fraud and conversion
  • Other construction-related matters

Whether you seek to resolve your issue in arbitration, negotiation or litigation, we are qualified to represent your business.

Protect Your Project And Reputation

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