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Proving Delivery As Part of a Collection Case

When you drop materials of at your customer’s warehouse or job site, take extra care to document the transaction and retain proofs of delivery.

In a rush to get materials to a customer or job site, the drivers and warehouse workers may cut corners when it comes time to paperwork. This can become a big problem for the collection attorney.

In court, the judge wants you to “prove it”. You delivered materials, you say? Well, prove it.  Think of yourself as the judge. What evidence of delivery would you want to see? Here are some suggestions:

  • Signed delivery tickets with the signer’s name and job title printed beneath.
  • Time-stamped photographs of the delivery being made, the SKUs being delivered and some recognizable evidence of the delivery address.
  • An email from the customer acknowledging receipt and acceptance of the delivery.

With this type of evidence in hand, your attorney will be able to litigate your collection case faster and when the judge says “prove it”, you will be ready to do just that.