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Dispute over garage construction ends positively for family

In Chicago, construction projects in residential areas might seem like a simple matter of the owner deciding what he or she wants done, finding a contractor, negotiating a price and moving forward. However, that is not always the case as there could be neighborhood disputes over a variety of issues. Even the most well-meaning projects can escalate into a battle and the need for litigation. One recent case serves as an example; people who plan a construction project and are met with resistance from neighbors should stay the course and seek a reasonable outcome within the law.

Wheelchair access at center of dispute in landmark area

A couple who wanted to have construction done on their property to make their garage wheelchair accessible for their daughter won a two-year court fight to complete the project. The issue was that the neighborhood association was protesting the construction. The couple had purchased the property in 2015, and in 2018 they began transforming it from a four-flat into a single-family residence. They were ordered to stop work when it was alleged that a permit to build had mistakenly been given before they received a necessary zoning change.

The property was built before the start of the 20th Century and is in a landmark area. Therefore, approvals at multiple city levels are needed for construction. On appeal, the project was approved. However, the neighborhood association filed a lawsuit. The family responded with a lawsuit of their own. They recently received a decision that they can complete the project so their daughter can have access.

Having legal assistance is imperative in property disputes

It is unfortunate that neighbors often get into disputes with one another over construction projects. Each side will have their own perspective regarding the issue and it does not necessarily mean that people are behaving frivolously or being difficult for its own sake. When there are disagreements, regardless of the viewpoint, having legal assistance may be key to settling it amicably or going to court. This is true for boundary problems, zoning, easements, ownership and more. Calling for legal advice from a firm that is experienced in home and remodeling repairs and all that is involved may be essential for a successful resolution.