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Lawsuit claims defects left $3.5 million luxury home uninhabitable

Even the nicest-looking, classiest, most expensive homes may be left uninhabitable and unsafe due to construction defects.

According to a recent claim in another state, a $3.5 million townhouse was left uninhabitable by construction defects. According to the lawsuit, the luxury home suffered from numerous problems. Shower leaks were so bad, they required walls to be torn down after the townhouse was newly completed. Rather than directing air outside, the bathroom venting allegedly led into the walls and ceilings, leading to an intolerable odor inside the home.

Multiple issues

The home allegedly has other complications involving the water drainage system and issues with the exterior siding, due to poor installation. Plaintiffs and owners of the townhouse are suing the developer, the builder, and the real estate developer of the property for damages. These events occurred in another state and Illinois law might treat the same claims differently.

Construction defects come in many forms. Generally, they are defined as defects in design, materials or workmanship used in a project that result in damage to a person or property. Construction defects can be patent (those obvious upon inspection) or latent (those concealed and not obvious upon first inspection of the property). The worst construction defects can render a structure unsafe or uninhabitable.

How attorneys can help

Attorneys with experience in real estate and construction law can help clients avoid construction defect disputes, and to resolve them should they become unavoidable. These issues can be highly complex, and the stakes involved can be very high. It is important to seek out help from experienced attorneys.